Be Focused as a Photographer

We all have goals that we want to achieve in our lives, like building a successful business, raising a wonderful family, winning a championship, and so on… “You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”. Many often we are out focused rather being focused to reach our goals.

I went for a trip a month ago with my friends and gained a lesson for life. We had gathered for the opening of my friend Charles photo studio. Charles had invited me for the ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate his chroma key studio. A pizza and beer beach party followed on the eve of the function. The night party was great and had a fun time with long lost friends; it was a great get together after a break of 10 years from college.


The red carpet was rolled out where the refreshments were served to the friends, neighbours, suppliers and media, who has arrived for the grand opening party of chroma key studio. The party hall was filled with number of lively and attractive posters, which was made up of vinyl and Canvas.

Charles started demonstrating his service and products like Photography Backdrops, Photo Backgrounds, Studio lights, Studio umbrellas and Chroma software which is used to create a lively image. “A goal without a focus or plan is just a wish”. As a quote says Charles was focused on his dreams and that is the main reason for his dream has come true. He was inspired by the nature and he has a deep desire to learn everything about the photographic art. Processing and creating an image brings a sense of peace and joy in his life.

People started shooting the photographs in front of the creamy chocolate brown backdrops which is printed as “Happy Easter” with the Blood Red Cross on it. Photos are the best memories of our life to remember the important moments. As a token of celebrating his success, we also took a photograph in front of the backdrops. In the other end of the studio the adoring newlywed couples were rushing to take a photograph in front of other backdrop. That backdrop was made up of muslin, which has the Marble white Tajmahal with a sky blue back ground and floating clouds. 

Charles was not aware of what’s happening around him, surprised to see how focused he is when he deals with the camera and the studio accessories. His goal is to take a perfect camera shot, and he is really doing a good job of it. The picture was very clear and lively as though they really took in front of the Tajmahal.


“Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out – take another shot”.

Like the quote says, it is very important to not give up if the things do not turn out the way we thought. Focus on output rather than the input. I think it is really important to not give up on things, because we might miss out on some great experiences in the long run which will also teach us some lesson to overcome in our life.


Indelible Print Fabric Backdrops

Photography is an evolving art and the usage of backdrops in professional shoots has changed a lot. The world is changing rapidly. Fast life requires more portable backdrops to save time. Backdrops are printed at choice and delivered quickly. Photographers intend to shoot photos based on different concept, artistic theme or pervasive idea. In such scenario it is imperative to have a backdrop with your own choice artwork. Photographer can adjust the angle of shooting and lighting at best to suit the occasion.

Backdropsource has the unique offering under its product category of Indelible Print Fabric Backdrops aka IPF backdrops. The name in itself is suggestive of the quality of prints as they are long lasting, which sustain throughout the life of fabric. There are many theme based images available for printing as part of the collection. The images are available to be used separately or may be modified to create the custom art work and printed on fabric. These standard sample images are for the event like birthday, wedding, anniversary, church, festivals, sports events, cultural fest, ….

The photographic advantage in shooting with a unique art work is to create a signature style of the photographer. Backdropsource prints on fabric using eco solvent high resolution output dyes. The artwork can be printed on a canvas, polyester, vinyl, risen or muslin fabric. The fabrics are chosen based on their usage and characteristics. The important functionalities that define the choice of fabric are as below.


Size: The background dimension that has to be displayed or highlighted with a backdrop is key deciding factor for choosing the fabric to print. As the printing has some limitations.

Canvas has the printing width limitation of 5ft or 1.5mt. There is no restriction on length of fabric.

Polyester can be printed on any dimensions. For quicker turnaround and delivery 5ft or 1.5m width is preferable. It can also be printed for any length.

Vinyl has no size restriction and can be chosen for printing smaller to extra large sizes.

Image Quality: The quality of image as final print output with the resolution intensity makes a difference to the choice of fabric.

Canvas is printed with high resolution eco solvent dye which has the best print quality.

Polyester is an artificial fabric that has sublimation printing done at high temperature for good resolution and its print quality is second only to canvas.

Vinyl is a synthetic fabric that provides digital image print quality.

Portable: Portability is important for mobile photographers and small studio setups to do quick and fast shoot.

Canvas is portable with the limitation on size and easy storage.

Polyester is the best wrinkle free fabric as it can be carried to any location. It can be installed and stored with least effort.

Vinyl has the least portability with large size. It can be stored in roll form. When folded creases develop that require attention and effort to get smooth finish.


Polyester is the least weighing fabric followed by Canvas. It is easy to carry and install.

Vinyl is comparatively heavy.


Canvas has the best texture and image resolution to provide quality finish. It is most suitable for professional photography. It doesn’t have rod pocket or eyelets to support the fabric. Photographer has to use other support mechanisms to hold as backdrop.

Polyester gives the second best quality. Rod pocket is available on the wide side and hemming on all sides.

Vinyl has smooth finish. It has rod pocket and eyelets to hold the backdrop.



The most economical is vinyl printing. Large background can be projected with vinyl printed backdrops.

Polyester has optimal price. It is wrinkle free long lasting portable fabric.

Canvas printing is premium as they provide high quality resolution output.

Choice of backdrop is based on the fabric characteristics. Photographer may print an artwork of choice and create an Indelible Print Fabric Backdrop.

Backdropsource offers complementary design services to create the custom artwork and print on fabric. The standard delivery is five days on order placement through express shipping.

Lighting Kit Importance

Lighting effect for a photography plays a vital role for the awesome outcome. Even a wonderful picture shot with the best camera won’t give an astonishing result without proper lighting. We have to invest in the selection of the lighting equipment keeping our idea in mind. So only the studio photographers spend a lot on lighting rather than on camera or its lenses. But instead when people spend on camera and lens, its a wrong approach. Lighting kits decide on the job excellence. We have to know the cruciality of the role of lights in the image outcome.


There is a belief that the studio lighting kits are unaffordable. But with the recent developments, they are not only suitable for studio photographers but can be afforded by a lay man too. At present even portable kits are available which can be easily afforded and handled. A lighting kit is a broad term and when thinking on a investment in it, there a varied number of choices that has to be considered which can be brought from online or regular manufacturers.

Let’s now consider the lighting choices that are available:

Crucial Lighting Choices

Normally there are three lighting choices namely the flash, hotlights and cool lights.

Hotlights/ Tungsten lights are actually hot. They are halogen lights with 500-800 watts suitable for shooting videos which requires continuous lights. Even though they are more bright, they are not suitable for shooting photography’s. They may cause irritation to the people whom we focus.

Cool Lights are fluorescent lights. They are comfortable lighting kits that gives pleasant experience and are not hot like hotlights. These are suitable at places where daylight is available and in concurrence with the flash. The choice of modifications is restricted. 

Flash is the desired choice of the studio photographers and it outruns the limitations of hotlights and cool lights. Hotshoe flashes are the accessory flashguns that fit onto the hotshoe of your camera. It is expedient but the light is insensitive and unpleasing. But when used off-camera by dropping it on a stand, it gives pleasant effects. They are less expensive, handy and powered by batteries 

Let’s now consider why lighting kits are essential for photography.

An image with lighting effects is often misunderstood to have been morphed using computers. It provides astonishing results. An efficient use of the lights gives awesome outcome


Wide and Slender lights

A broad light diminishes the disparity, curbs the quality and reduces the dimness. Whereas the narrow light is the opposite of this. So our selection of lighting choice depends on the thing that needs to be portrayed

Light dispersal

By using a diffuser, we can scatter the light on the photo shoot and avoid unnecessary heat that is produced due to the usage of the lighting kits. A diffuser can be a white cloth or a lucid plastic. 

Positioning the light kit

Light and the background are considerable choices that cause the effect of the portrait. We need to position our lights appropriately to coincide with the background to provide stunning results. The effect may not be good even if is placed too close or too far. Apt positioning is necessary.

3 – D Effect

By placing lights in different places, we get a 3-d effect of our potrait. When lights are placed on all positions focusing the object, we get shadows which replicates a 3 dimensional effect

Focus of the lights

The focus of the lights should match the object. It may vary from object to object. By keeping the light close to the lens, we can restrain the creases on the face of the person. Sometimes we may have to increase the coverage to confine the light on the object. This can be done by backlighting and front lighting.

When a person believes that a perfect picture can never be portrayed without proper lighting kits, its high time for him to look into the choice of buying the lighting kits. An adequate research has to be done to finalize on the purchase of the lighting kits that is best suitable for them. 

Studio Backdrops

Studio Backdrops

The evolution of photography has brought the innovation of printing the digital image backdrops. Artist creates the printed scenery that can be hung in the background, behind the subject and then the photographer has an environment to showcase the theme into it.

Usage of studio backdrops:

The backdrop is used to enhance the look of the subject in a photograph. Photographers prefer to use a backdrop so that he can showcase his subject crystal clear with high quality. According to a photographer, it helps in minimizing the time of image -processing.

Advantages of using a studio backdrop:

* Enhance the subject

* Varieties of Vibrant colors

* Uniformity

* Versatility

* Portability

Choice of backdrop:

Choosing the backdrop can be as critical as trying to decide what to order from a Chinese dinner menu; plenty of selections like muslin, canvas, vinyl, paper and polyester.


Muslin backdrop:

Muslin backdrop is made up of pure cotton and provides a professional look with solid colors. It is an ideal option for shooting pictures for identification cards. It is washable and portable. It can be maintained by ironing or steaming.

Vinyl backdrop:

Vinyl is an artificial fabric. It provides the high resolution and the vibrant colors. It lasts longest and requires the least maintenance. It resists wrinkles. It will be suitable for the fixed studios since the mobility may concern as it is folded.

Polyester backdrop:

Polyester brings the flexibility strength of mobility and portability. The advantage of the polyester is wrinkle free. It is washable and easy for maintenance.

Paper backdrops: Fantastic-Blue-font-b-Photography-b-font-font-b-backdrop-b-font-Photo-Studio-Background-Stage

This photography backdrop can produce the vibrant display in high resolution. These are inexpensive and also known as paper rolls. It is mainly used for the purpose of one-time use. Maintenance is bit difficult since it may tear off or get dirt quickly.

Canvas backdrops:

This studio backdrop is heavier than the other types. It means they are more durable. It last longer and hence it is expensive.

Choice of color:


White brings the sense of purity, Clean and it serves to isolate and draws the attention to the subjects. It never goes out of fashion. It also bounces the light. The advantage of using white is it goes with any other color.


Green backdrops can also be known as Chroma Key Backgrounds, Which is mainly used for shooting videos. It brings the sense of harmony and growth with the natural environment.


Black is the most common color which goes with all the brighter colors like red and orange. As White, Black also never goes out of fashion. It can observe the light and get rid of shadows of the subject.

How Green Screens are used in Photography

The green screen enables the photographers to remove the background and insert digital effects in post production. The green software is powerful and contains a chroma key removal program which functions on itself with no support from other editing applications. Chroma key helps to amalgamate two or more videos and photos into one. It enables us to add an image of our choice later.

Also, sound effects like voice and background music to the videos can be done effectively. Green screen software provides a striking and splendid outcomes.

Why is Green Screen used:

Digital sensors are more sensitive to green color. So special effects can be given to videos. As skin tones do not have green tone, it provides a better contrast. When we shoot in a complete contrast color against the background, the separation process is made simple post production. Color spills has to be considered when shooting since the background colors may cast on the shoulders and hair which makes the editing job difficult post-production. So proper care has to be taken to avoid color spills. The following tips enables us to prevent color spills:a573537368be9107b25b1344e07ed055--chroma-key-screens

  • The subject has to be placed 8 – 10 feet away from the background
  • The background has to be lighted evenly.
  • The background has to be a step below the foreground
  • The color of the subject and background should not be the same.

There are varied choices of green screen software available.  Every software uses a unique algorithm to complete the process. They should possess the quality to make vital amendments to attain realistic images. Let’s now consider the software that provides attractive image results:

Green Screen Wizard Pro Version 9.0 can be used both on Windows and MAC. It is a great tool for professional photographers. The first algorithm was released in 2007, and it works five times more efficient now. It uses a highly advanced removal process. The advantages of using  the software includes:

Supreme hair texture is given with Airbrush Editor

Green Screen Wizard Pro’s Airbrush Editor offers us with 15 unique brushes to uplift and restore the natural effects. This enables us to have an adorning final picture. As already the chroma key does the job of separating the hair from the background, this software enables us to restore the premium hair texture.   Also, the other choice of air brushes enables to restore effects on the shadows, a younger feel to the subject is given with smoothing brush and so on.

High level of performance

High level of performance is achieved with the special effect functions. The functionality can never be replaced by any other software. The post production results are ultimate.

Includes Expression

The software enables us to have a control on the size, angle, transparency and the texture. It helps us to add reflections to the images shot and can make even a sharp eye to believe the natural effect is maintained. The chroma key effect cannot be identified unless we tell out.

Lighting Effects

In the background removal process, vital importance has to give to the clean edges. For this, the lights have to be lit evenly. It helps us to overcome the shadows getting cast on the background. The amount of the light spill has to be controlled whether it be a sheet, circle or cone effect. A shadow generator can be used to bring in realism.

Sophisticated Outline

The green screen software enables us to use an advanced framework and helps to remove blacks from the outline. The final result would be creative. This screen helps us to create unique images that attract the viewers.

Even tone for skin


A smoothing algorithm included in the software enables to produce an even tone to the skin. This screen gives a younger look to the subject. The age spots are removed with the use of the software and may probe the clients to generate more copies.

Choice of frames

Green Screen Wizard Pro 9.0 offers varied framing choices which include the square, oval, heart and jagged. A color  or even an image can be used on the frame. It helps us to bring in our innovative ideas. A blur frame uses the background of the image as a source of the frame content.

Brings out a creative touch

A simple photograph can be made more creative by using the software effectively. Artistic texture helps to incorporate special effects resulting in stunning image outcomes. By using the latest version of Green Screen Wizard software, we can produce flattering effects.


I was a nobody during my high school, had no goal or idea of what I will be in the next few years. I’m not the guy who knows which side his bread is being buttered and certainly it was quite a difficult climb. It was then I visited my Grandpa at Perth who inspired me through his photography skills to take up this interest.


Ordained as a photographer, I decided to set up my own studio. Gathered funds by selling my bike, cleared my garage and found a great space to begin. Getting ample space was an excellent start. Now I wanted to equip my work space with all the necessary essentials. My cousin Emma was about to get married in few days and I had started working on the studio quickly.

I had visited around the streets, equipment stores, specialist galleries but couldn’t find good quality equipments. It was my first investment for studio equipment and it was my desire to have the best quality at the most economical cost. My search led me to explore internet which provided with lots of information around photography. I came across plenty of websites which had lot to offer but couldn’t get a personal perspective from the photography experts. There were few websites which had massive brand presence and content written about their products but for an amateur like me it was a non starter.

The prices mentioned were prohibitive and the products were also not matching my specifications of choice. These challenges led me to believe that photography was not a grandpa’s duck to be brought and reared. In the meanwhile my friend visited me at home who had been away for a few years in UK. He had completed a project in the past, shooting for jewelry photography in college. He was quick to recommend as a single shop for photography and studio equipment.

I logged on to the web and searched for this site, to my amazement this same site was available as in Australia based out of Brisbane. I am located in the same state of Queensland, sunshine coast. I saw the phone numbers legibly mentioned on the header of Backdropsource site which in itself was thrilling. I dialed and was connected to a sweet soft spoken voice of a support executive, who courteously inquired about my requirements. I was a first time purchaser of studio and photography equipment and hence had lot of queries and doubts; the person was patient and responded to all my doubts earnestly. I had requested them for non standardised offering other than what Backdropsource have listed in their website; she took my custom request diligently and mentioned to call in sometime. I placed my order for one muslin background, lighting sets, support stands and LEDs.


My products arrived by next day. They were in excellent condition packaged neatly I quickly opened and installed the stand. It was a cake walk. I hung the backdrop over the stand through the rod pocket, set my soft box on the lighting stand and lit it by installing the bulb. The last to be opened were the LED lights, which were packed compactly with foam. All these installations transpired within 20 minutes. Thank you backdropsource for making me feel special and be a winner at the start.

Overwhelmed with “MY” first photography equipment kit, I was ecstatic with joy. My favourite product was the LED kit. I am totally in love with it as it made my day easy and comfortable during Emma’s pre-wedding shoot. We shot in enclosed areas and a lot outside too, the lights worked out so well that every picture was classy and memorable.

The Workaholic Muslin

Have you wondered what’s common among all astonishing photos on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook? They all have top notch unique backgrounds which makes each picture stand out. Let it be natural backgrounds like the sky, water body, trees, walls and buildings or artificial cotton backdrops. Backgrounds add flavour to the photo. Backdrops contribute an airy lovely texture to the photographs.


From long the backdrops have evolved and those in vogue are fashion muslins made of natural fiber fabric, subtle designs with smooth textures, variegated shades etc. Muslin is a woven fabric to deliver high quality finish. It is cost effective, seam-less and 100% cotton yarn. Fashion muslin are commonly for headshots, portraits, party photography, formal and casual photography. 

Muslin is known as Jane Austen fabric because the material had been used for dressmaking and other special occasions. It is a one piece natural/ organic fabric with hand painted designs that can be used with different shades on both sides. Fashion muslin backdrops are rolled in large sizes without seam. The different colours, shades, subtle textures add interest and accentuate the subject. It absorbs light and rejects reflection. girl-posing-in-yellow-dress-on-muslin-background

Muslins are the Professional’s pet as they are flexible, portable and wrinkle resistant. Maximum usage and professional effect with minimum time and effort. Blue and Brown backdrops blend with nearly all kinds of clothes. To start with they’re perfect suggestions of professionals.

Hang vertically or drape the fashion backgrounds to create textures in photographs. Prominent wrinkles can be steamed for a clear effect. Fashion muslins can also be pattern-stamped, like retro-prints for fun, nostalgic look. Genealogically fashion backdrop is the sister of solid muslins. Perfect for all kinds of video productions, portraits and group photos (ceremonial, conventional, informal, casual).

Detailed Studio Lighting Tutorial for the Photographer in You

Do you love to capture each and every candid moment going in your surroundings? Do you secretly love professional cameras more than your crush? If your answer is yes; you certainly have a hidden photographer in you. Regardless of your age, you can start your photography career at any point of time. You just need to have that passion and zeal in you. Although this might seem to you as a mere theory; but, this is actually the basic truth. If you follow your passion religiously, you can transform from a beginner to a professional photographer. Furthermore, you do not need to attend any classes or a crash course to polish your skill. You can start practicing at your home itself.


So, here’s a complete tutorial that will help you capture those picture-perfect candid moments. But, before we start, you need to understand that a flawless click is the one that has proper lightning effects. Without optimum usage of lighting (and its tricks), you cannot end up getting a fine-tuned photograph.

Let’s just now get started with the tutorial. Read it carefully and practice it at home:

Step 1 – Assemble the Equipment 

First of all, you must have a complete kit of tools and equipment at home. Obviously, you won’t prefer to spend big dollars on the equipment at the learning stage. So, you can purchase the ones that fit well within your budget. Make sure you purchase the

following for an ideal home studio:

  • Flash heads
  • Softbox
  • Umbrella
  • Reflector
  • Snoot or honeycomb
  • Light stands

Step 2 – The Techniques


After you have assembled all the equipment at home, it is now time to gain an insight into several home studio lighting techniques that will help you learn the photography or lighting tricks at an instant:

a) Clamshell Lighting

Clamshell lighting is often used in the fashion industry. It is generally performed to capture a classic headshot. In short, it is used for beauty images, when the subject is to be captured with precise detailing. For the setup, you would require two softboxes, one reflector, two light heads and two flash heads. Place the softboxes at equal distance and angle from the subject. You can place them at any side of the subject. Further, place the reflector under the face of the subject. The light will bounce to the face and provide room for a perfect click.

b) Rembrandt Lighting

Rembrandt(popularly known as Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn) was a Dutch painter who used this technique quite often. You can easily create the setup for this lighting technique by using a reflector and one light. The motto of this technique is to bounce the light back to the subject and cover any areas with hard shadows. For the setup, adjust the flash head at six feet height making a 45° angle to the subject. This produces a key light that acts as a direct source of light from above and sideways. Now, place a reflector on the other side of the subject. This will make the light even and bounce on the side of shadow.

Other easy and popular techniques include rim lighting and backlight. But since, you are a beginner; it is advisable for you to start your journey with some baby steps. Hence, go to the market today or shop the equipment online to practice the above lighting techniques. Once, you gain expertise over these techniques, you can then, switch to the latter ones. Keep clicking..Keep exploring..!!


Professional Green Screen

A green screen offers an opportunity to add images, graphics, etc at the later stage of editing. Green is the important color used for chroma keying because the video camera sensors are sensitive to this color. It provides a better contrast to the skin color of the subject. Even other colors can be used to key but the outcome may not be as effective as green. Using green is an excellent starting point, but here are four more specific (and less obvious) tips for getting a professional green screen result.

Green screening allows the film producers to make extraordinary effects for their videos. It provides an opportunity to make varied editing options post production. It is very flexible. It helps us to overcome issues like noise, natural lights and other factors. Let’s now consider the ways to develop a professional green screen background.


Reflection shouldn’t collide with the subject

Generally, green screen keying drops a reflection on to the subject when light effects are given. So we have to focus appropriately to avoid reflections. Because the reflection will give a greenish effect on the subject and later we try to do it, it may takeaway all the natural green effects on the subject. So to overcome this, we have to place the subject away from the green screen. This helps to reduce the reflections. The aim is to attain a perfect picture by avoiding green light effects on to the subject.

Lighting Effects

A separate light effect has to be used for the subject from that of the green screen. It makes the keying concept easier. Now let’s consider the lighting procedures for better outcome:

Green Screen Lighting:

Ensure to use the same pitch of green base for the entire screen with proper lighting. This helps to avoid shadow. This can be attained by placing two lamps on either side with equal distance from the screen. This will give an even lighting to the entire screen and avoids shadows.

Light effects on the Subject:

Ensure to place the subject in long distance from the screen to avoid shadows and then the lights has to be placed. In case shadows are cast on the screen, the subject has to be moved front and the light effects has to be adjusted accordingly.

Choice of material

There are a variety of material that can be used for the green screen. The choice of material depends on our budget and the way used for keying. For a film shooting ,the budget is usually high and so the sets used are large with huge lighting effects. Whereas for a short film or video even a simple green cloth will cater to our requirements. Let’s consider the material options that are available:

  1. Green Screen Paper: These are disposable backdrops that can be discarded after use and are usually cheaper than other materials. It is difficult to store these for future use as rolling it can cause damage and we may have to buy a new one for future use. A matte paper requires lesser light effects
  2. Fabrics: Muslin is the most used fabric material for backdrops. This is a great choice of decoration of the backdrop. They are flexible enough to pack and carry from place to place with ease. They are wrinkle free and are durable.
  3. Vinyl: Its a hard material subject to last long when handled with care. But a better choice than paper as gives a better effect. This is suitable for those looking for a small budget screening.

Exact Focus


A lot of things are need to be considered before we shoot. Even the accessories of the subject can cast shadows on the backdrops. We need to consider all these and shoot accordingly by re-positioning. Hair is an important factor that can cause bad effects. When let loose, it may cast shadows and may make the key process difficult. The color of the subject’s attire shouldn’t be green

Green screening helps to get marvellous outcome of the shoot. But all this can be attained only on having a professional use of the chroma key else it may end up by causing a cumber some work post production. By considering the above stated factors, we can use the green screen effectively.

Guide to Photo Backdrops

A backdrop can be anything that augments the beauty of the portrait. It is enriching the background with eye catching effects. Backdrops will give any environment into a striking studio effect. The variety of backdrop options a photographer possess will bring him more people. The photo backdrops are produced by many companies at present. The choice of a backdrop can be anything which includes the vinyl, canvas, muslin, etc or it can be your own effect from a tablecloth, rugs and so on. The choice of the appropriate backdrop that best suits the shoot is essential. Lets now consider the ways to buy a backdrop:

  • Create your own backdrop stuff

By using our own backdrop from the available resources, we can save money. This may include anything like a stylish carpet, rugs, tablecloth, papers, etc. We get a better idea to create a new backdrop by reading a blogs online. We will be able to implement these ideas and produce a striking effect for our backdrop.

  • Buying backdrops online


On online sites, we may find a number of backdrop choices either new or used. We can make a choice of our desire by going through the descriptions, price and other criteria. One way to make a right choice is from the reviews from other buyers. We can compare rates on various sites and decide our purchase from the site that offers a good deal.

  • Place orders in Photography Companies

There are a number of photography companies . We can place orders from these companies as when promotions are announced by them. There are many photographers who intend to sell their old and used backdrops for a nominal rate. We can buy from such persons after proper examination on the worth and quality.

  • Purchase from photography stores

By visiting a photography store, we get a sense of satisfaction as we touch and feel the product we intend to buy. We can consider various factors like its transit, storage, portability and so on. 

Usually a backdrop can vary from a muslin cloth with solid colors like black, red, white or any color of our choice and with creative images on it. It should be portable enough to move from one place to another. But in present day situation most photographers use digital backdrops. Lets now consider the various types of backdrops that are available:

Types of Photography Backdrops

Each backdrop has its own features and the choice of the right one that suits the shoot is necessary

  • Muslin Backdrops: A backdrop made of fabric with rich solid colors and that best suits for a portrait like Identification card. This lasts long as it can be reused after washing for a number of times
  • Paper backdrops: These backdrops can be used only for one time as storing them by rolling will lead to tarring. But it is cost effective.
  • Painted canvas backdrop: These are generally bulky backdrops that can be used only for indoor shooting.

The Role of Your Backdrop

The excellence of a portrait is determined by the backdrop that is used for the photo shoot. By choosing a right backdrop we are capable of portraying the feel and the individuality of the subject precisely.

Lighting your Backdrop


A perfect lighting adds more beauty to the backdrop. The lighting should be capable of harmonizing the backdrop and emphasize the features of the subject like the facial expressions, hair and skin color.

Choosing the Right Photography Backdrop

The foremost factor for consideration in choice of the backdrop is the color in the back and foreground. It should coincide with each other. The backdrop chosen shouldn’t suppress the features of the subject. The viewer’s attention has to be on the subject rather than the background. The background should enhance the beauty of the subject. Also we must ensure that an adequate space is there between the subject and the backdrop. This eliminates the risk of shadows falling on the background.

The choice of the right backdrop can be done from the outcome of earlier trial shots made. When a photographer doesn’t pay importance to the role of the backdrop, he may regret after the final outcome of the picture. The main factors of consideration in the backdrop are the subject attention, lighting effects and the outcome.